Sound Equipment

I provide all the required audio equipment for any type of production:


Many mixers have the typical mixer, wireless, boom, etc. But, those who have entered the biz in the last 5 years or so have typically "geared up" with a single type of production in mind: The one they just finished! How much was that show like yours?

After 15-20 years in sound, most mixers have acquired and configured equipment on many, many types of productions. We've seen more than one or two ways to do it. If your mixer has done nothing but cooking shows, think twice before sending him in to record scripted, whispered dialogue, or into the swamp to film alligator hunting.

Pete Verrando has multiple years of experience in mixing every kind of production. Starting in news and tabloid television, my early years included industrial television and commercials. I've done a great deal of independent feature mixing. I was at the forefront of reality television production. Cage Fighting, Cooking, Endurance, Childbirth, Hunting, Cops, Ambush, Racing, Teens, Competitions, Weapons, Addicts, Survival, Drunk/High/Crazy People, Weddings, Funerals, Hospitals, Homeless shelters, you name it! I enjoy supervising and mixing on Reality shows, with their broadening technical requirements. I have hundreds of commercials and narrative/episodic credits, & have travelled the world over on documentary productions. Please call or email to see how I can fulfill your production's sound needs.

-by Pete Verrando