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Ipod Nagra III

In the spirit of the holidays, thought I would send along a couple of pics of the Ipod Nagra. It’s a work in progress. Was hoping to sell it for holidays this year, but I keep adding things. It actually sounds pretty good, those are Tivoli Audio speakers in the deck, sealed speaker enclosures and a class T amplifier inside. The mic input works, tone generator, tape transport, playback head, and has bass, treble controls, RCA stereo ins and outs. Runs on D cells or external power supply.  All the selector positions have a specific function. Pilot flag indicates that ipod is charging.  Last hurdle is to create some record capability with the tape loop, to create a short message or slapback echo gag. I’ve got to find or create a small enough record amplifier with bias generator. Any ideas? It will play the loop now. But if it can’t record, its not a Nagra.

Automatic Record -selects external RCA stereo line inputs (may activate record feature in future)
Hi-Fi Record- ipod mixed with mic input or tape head (selectable)
Test- tone generator (original circuit) (when front button pushed)
Stop – Power Off – Ipod charging
Playback/Batt. Meter- Ipod Playback only, no mic or tapehead, battery reserve shows on meter
Hi-Fi Playback – Ipod Playback, meter displays audio level (independent of speaker volume)
Meter displays audio level at all positions except in Batt Meter position

Other controls
Line input/playback control – Speaker volume
Mic input – microphone input/tape head preamplifier level
Fast Forward button – activates motor for tape loop (for now)
B/A button – may activate record in future
Tone button – sounds reference tone
Bass and treble controls/ RCA ins/outs on right side
Tape/mic select and motor speed control on left side

by Pete Verrando