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Vox Populi Facebook, Sound Mixers, and VER

An interesting thread has emerged on Facebook’s “Freelance Sound Mixers & Recordists for TV/Film” regarding VER.  It is a interesting dialogue that speaks to the constant flux of our industry.  It harks back to the days when the major studios provided equipment for sound mixers, until mixers had the audacity to purchase equipment and charge rentals to those productions.
I see the existence of Jeff’s forum, and the Facebook forum, as roughly separated by the old guard/new guard. Yet thankfully, both exist in each. However, the mass-production methods of reality TV has drawn a youthful, albeit impressive voice, high in number, as evidenced in the Facebook forum. They face many of the same challenges as the old guard faced 30-40 years ago.
If any of our senior members can speak to the days when mixers broke away from the standard of studio gear provision, it may shed some light on today’s marketplace, and the distinctions of value and service that we are all obliged to honor.
Indeed, please speak to any aspect of this interesting discussion.
The mixer forum on Facebook is open to anyone. Look for the recent thread started by Joshua Baggett.
-Pete Verrando